Actor Paul Nakauchi
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 20s
Occupation Pit Fighter
Sellsword (determinant)
Family Unknown
First Appearance A Nest of Vipers
Last Appearance A Nest of Vipers or The Ice Dragon
Death Episode A Nest of Vipers or The Ice Dragon
Death Stabbed in the chest by Asher.
Status Determinant
Series lifespan A Nest of Vipers or
A Nest of Vipers to The Ice Dragon
Ethnicity Meereenese

Bloodsong is a pit fighter from Meereen.

Character Edit

Bloodsong is egotistical and narcissistic, believing himself to be invincible and the very best. But upon his defeat, he loses his self-respect and decides to seek an honorable death in Westeros.

Game of Thrones Edit

"A Nest of Vipers" Edit

Bloodsong appears in this episode and spars with Asher so Asher can prove himself to Amaya and the pit fighters. Asher defeats Bloodsong and Amaya throws Asher a knife to kill Bloodsong. The player can decide for Asher whether or not to kill him. If Asher kills him, he stabs him through the heart, impressing the pit fighters. If Asher spares him, the crowd goes silent and is unimpressed until Asher gives a rousing speech, and Bloodsong would later appear boarding Asher's ship, saying he seeks an honorable death in Westeros.

"The Ice Dragon" Edit

Bloodsong partakes in the Battle of Ironrath. He kills several soldiers and is seen looking on in horror as the Whitehills break through the gate. He was no longer seen in the game. It is unknown if he was killed by the oncoming Whitehill forces or escaped Ironrath.

Killed Victims Edit

  • Numerous counts of pit fighters
  • Numerous Slave Masters
  • Numerous Whitehill men-at-arms

Appearances Edit

Season One appearances
Iron From Ice The Lost Lords The Sword in the Darkness Sons of Winter A Nest of Vipers The Ice Dragon

Trivia Edit

  • By Killing Bloodsong the choice for it doesn't appear in "My Choices", due to a technical glitch.
  • Judging by his appearance, he appears to have originated from Yi-Ti.

References Edit

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