Bolton Soldier
Actor Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Bald
Occupation Bolton soldier
First Appearance Iron From Ice
Last Appearance Iron From Ice
Death Episode Iron From Ice
Cause of Death Impaled in the neck with a pitchfork or neck hacked with an axe by Gared Tuttle.
Status Dead
Series lifespan Iron From Ice
Ethnicity Northmen
IFI Bolton Soldier Pitchforked
IFI Bolton Soldier Axed
— This soldier insulting Gared, before attempting to kill him.

This soldier is a man-at-arms sworn to House Bolton. He was lastly under the command of Britt Warrick.

Game of Thrones Edit

"Iron From Ice" Edit

This soldier is first seen at Gared's father's farm.

Gared spots his father and if he goes towards him, this soldier blocks his path and gives Gared a threatening smile.

After Britt taunts Gared and orders him to give up the Forrester Greatsword, Gared fights back.

After Britt disarms Gared and knocks him to the ground, he orders this soldier to finish Gared. As he starts walking towards Gared he calls him pathetic and swings his sword towards him in attempt to kill him, but Gared quickly dodges him and kills him with either a pitchfork or an axe.

Britt and the Whitehill soldier are both visiably seen to be angry over his death.

He is latter mentioned multiple times as Lord Whitehill demands justice for his death and is the reason that got Gared sent to the Wall.

"The Lost Lords" Edit

At the Wall when Frostfinger asks Gared about how he got himself sent to the Wall, he has the option to say that he killed a man/men who murdered his family, referring to this soldier and the Whitehill soldier (if killed in "Iron From Ice").


Killed ByEdit

Britt orders this soldier to kill Gared. He willingly obeys and tries to kill Gared. As he walks towards him, Gared grabs a pitchfork or an axe, dodges the soldier's attack and kills him with the weapon he chose.

Killed Victims Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This soldier is the first character to have multiple ways to die.
  • This soldier is the first character to be directly killed by Gared.

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