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  Britt Warrick
Actor Alistair James
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Age Early-Mid 30s
Occupation Whitehill Soldier
Family Unknown
First Appearance Iron From Ice
Last Appearance Sons of Winter (Corpse)
Death Episode The Sword in the Darkness
Death Stabbed or kicked off the Wall by Gared Tuttle
Status Dead
Series lifespan Iron From Ice to The Sword in the Darkness
Ethnicity Northmen
103 (194)
I never did tell you about your father, did I? We bled him at first; like a pig. Seemed only fair he should feel what it's like near the end. He could barely breathe - kept beggin' us to leave your sister alone. So I made sure he was still alive when she started screamin'.
— Britt goading Gared on.
Britt is the quinary antagonist of Game of Throne: A Telltale Game Series. Britt is a man-at-arms sworn to House Whitehill and the main antagonist in Gared's story.

Character Edit

Britt is sinister yet aggressive, telling Gared to move along and responding with force when the player refuses. He also has some form of authority as he controls both a Whitehill soldier and a Bolton soldier.

Game Of Thrones Edit

Iron From Ice Edit

Britt is first seen at Gared's father's farm. When he spies Gared he tells the squire to move along before deciding he wants his sword - the Forrester Greatsword. Gared spots his father and he fights the Bolton soldiers, he will kill one of them with either a hatchet or a pitchfork. Gared then takes on Britt but the Whitehill soldier stabs him in the thigh. Gared successfully fights him off and in the meantime has a choice to kill the other soldier. The soldier will run off, thanking him for mercy if gives it. Britt gets on his horse, threatening that Lord Whitehill will see Gared be hung for what he has done. He will say this regardless of whether or not you killed the soldier begging for mercy. Britt flees.

Britt is next seen when Lord Whitehill visits Ironrath the first time. He puts on an unconvincing tone as he says he was just trying to defend himself as Gared massacred his men. He is not seen again.

The Sword in the DarknessEdit

Britt has been sent to the Wall sometime after Episode 1. He is first seen when Frostfinger welcomes the new recruits. Soon after, he sees Gared and tells him to watch his back.

Later, while Gared is patroling the Wall, Britt arrives at the top. He gets aggressive towards Gared and blames him for his exile. He then proceeds to mock Gared, telling him about how brutally he and his men murdered his father and sister. Gared can respond by saying he is not worth it or by pulling his sword, attacking Britt. Either way, a fight breaks and Gared wins. Britt is at the rim of the Wall, telling Gared to finish him. Gared can either leave him to bleed out, kick him of the Wall or make him suffer before causing him to fall of the Wall.

Finn has watched the whole scene and presumably alerts the other brothers. Because Britt died either way, Gared will have to face the consequences in the next Episode.

Sons of Winter Edit

Britt is seen as a corpse.

Death Edit

Killed ByEdit

After being stabbed in the arm or torso by Gared, Britt lays kneeling by the ledge of The Wall. He tells Gared to finish him off and Gared can choose out of three options:

Leave Him (or be silent) Edit

If Gared chooses to be loyal to the Night's Watch on not killing any brothers, Gared will refuse to finish Britt off, after hearing this Britt attempts to stand but instantly falls over, dying from the wound or blood loss.

Kick him off the Wall Edit

Gared carries out Britt's order and kicks him off the wall, where he falls to his death.

Make him suffer Edit

If Gared is still angered over the death of his father and sister, he will stab Britt in the chest and begin to twist and turn it to give out more pain to Britt, he then kicks Britt off the wall where he falls to his death.

Killed Victims Edit

Appearances Edit

Season One appearances
Iron From Ice The Lost Lords The Sword in the Darkness Sons of Winter A Nest of Vipers The Ice Dragon
  • Britt appears in Sons Of Winter as a corpse.

References Edit

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