Gender Male
Age 30s
Occupation Lannister Soldier
Family Unknown
First Appearance The Lost Lords
Last Appearance The Lost Lords
Death Episode The Lost Lords
Cause of Death Stabbed by Mira Forrester (The Lost Lords)


Killed by Tom (The Sword in the Darkness)
Series lifespan The Lost Lords
Ethnicity Westermen
TLL Mira Stabs Damien
I am sorry about this, Mira, but you've made enemies of the wrong people
— Damien before attempting to assassinate Mira Forrester.
Damien is a Lannister Solider stationed in King's Landing. He attempts to murder both Mira and Tom after luring the former into a false sense of security.

Character Edit

Damien appears kind and courteous initially, but uses this to lure Mira into a false sense of security.

Game Of Thrones Edit

The Lost Lords Edit

Damien is first seen after Mira leaves after speaking with the Merchant Lords, Andros and Morgryn. He later leaves her a note to meet him in the garden at midnight. She does as he asks and goes to the gardens at midnight. Lucan catches her and then Damien comes up and tells him to stand down. He tells him that she's with him and Lucan departs. Damien says that Mira's made enemies of the wrong people and pulls out his knife and attacks her. Damien begins to choke her but Tom saves her by hitting him over the head.

Damien overpowers Tom, beginning to drown him while Mira is given the choice to kill him or run for her own life. Damien grunts, "Fuck you." as Mira sticks the knife in his neck. If Mira ran, Damien is seen continuing to drown Tom as Lucan asks where Damien is.

The Sword in the Darkness Edit

If Mira ran from Damien, Tom briefly mentions that he killed him despite him drowning Tom.

Sons of Winter Edit

He is mentioned by guests at Tommen's coronation feast, gossiping that a Lannister soldier (who was Damien) was killed right where they were standing.

The Ice Dragon Edit

It is revealed that Rickard Morgryn was the one who bribed Damien to kill Mira Forrester, and that Lucan was promoted to captain in Damien's place. Mira or Tom are executed for his murder.


Rickard Morgryn, bribes Damien to assassinate Mira Forrester as she is taking the Ironwood contract from Tyrion. Damien leaves a note in her quarters telling her to meet in the gardens at midnight. Mira arrives and Damien takes her to the fountain where he reveals that he was ordered to kill her, Mira puts up a struggle against Damien and he begins to strangle her, however Tom who was in the area, hits Damien over the back of the head with a wooden board, Damien then attempts to strangle and drown Tom in the fountain, Mira picks up Damien's knife and is left with a decision.


Killed byEdit

After Mira runs away from the scene, Tom eventually overpowers Damien and kills him, hiding his body in an unknown location.

Attack DamienEdit

Killed byEdit

Mira stabs Damien in the back of the shoulder, saving Tom, Damien turns around and says "fuck you" to Mira, before she stabs him in the throat, he quickly dies choking on his blood. Tom hides his body in an unknown location at Flea Bottom.

Killed Victims Edit

  • Possibly other assassination victims.

Appearances Edit

Season One appearances
Iron From Ice The Lost Lords The Sword in the Darkness Sons of Winter A Nest of Vipers The Ice Dragon

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