Forrester Greatsword
The Forrester Greatsword


House Forrester


The Forrester Greatsword is a weapon passed down through the Lords of House Forrester. It is incredibly valuable and coveted.

Owners and Users Edit

Iron From Ice Edit

The sword is first seen in the hands of Lord Gregor Forrester during the events of the Red Wedding at The Twins. Gregor uses it to fend off the Freys and Boltons until he succumbs to his injuries. He passes the sword to Gared and tells him to take it back to Ironrath, where it rightfully belongs.

On the road, Gared uses the sword against Britt, a Whitehill and a Bolton. Britt gets his hands on the sword briefly until Gared retrieves it from him and then has the option to kill the other soldier if he so chooses.

When Gared returns to Ironrath he shows Lady Elissa Forrester the sword. Maester Ortengryn mentions that it belongs to Lord Ethan Forrester now.

After Ethan Forrester is killed by Ramsay Snow, the sword is technically passed to Ryon Forrester, the next male Forrester in line to lead the house, though he is taken by House Whitehill as leverage against the Forresters. Asher Forrester's claims to House Forrester were renounced once he was exiled and Rodrik Forrester is presumed dead.

The Lost Lords Edit

Once Rodrik Forrester is revealed to have survived, the Greatsword falls into his hands. However, he is not seen using it and it is not mentioned in the second episode.

Sons of Winter Edit

Rodrik is seen picking up the Greatsword in the preview for this episode.