Actor Jeremy Crutchley
Gender Male
Hair Grey-Black
Age 50s
Occupation Night's Watch Member
Family Unknown
First Appearance The Lost Lords
Last Appearance Sons of Winter
Status Alive
Series lifespan The Lost Lords to Sons of Winter
Ethnicity Northmen
Sooner or later the Night's Watch will be your death. When it comes, try to make it quick.
— Frostfinger warning Gared Tuttle.
Denner, also known as Frostfinger is a member of The Night's Watch who handles all the new recruits. He get his nickname from the fact that he lost two fingers to frostbite while being held in an ice cage.

Character Edit

Frostfinger is a grizzled veteran of The Night's Watch who has a very negative opinion of new recruits, which includes Gared Tuttle, who he believes are all dead men. He has a heavily pessimistic outlook on life and makes sure his brothers know that they will either die in service to the Watch, or die due to it.

Game Of Thrones Edit

"The Lost Lords" Edit

Gared is first introduced to Frostfinger through Cotter, who says that he is the one Gared has to talk to. Frostfinger is mostly hostile towards Gared, suggesting he dislikes Gared's privileged position as a squire and a castellan's nephew. Despite if been lied to, Frostfinger knows that Gared is a murderer through a letter from Duncan Tuttle. He then orders Gared to find his bed and his Night's Watch uniform.

The next time Frostfinger is seen, he is delivering a speech to the recruits until he is interrupted by Cotter, Finn, and Gared arguing amongst themselves. Frostfinger will ask Gared who was arguing and, depending on the player's answer, will show some approval. Frostfinger will announce Gared's intentions to become a ranger to the other recruits, saying that it doesn't matter what he wants and that they all have to prove themselves.

Frostfinger then leaves to talk with Jon Snow beside the entrance to Castle Black's mess hall. Throughout the training session, Frostfinger keeps watch over Gared with either admiration or disappointment depending on the player's performance.

Frostfinger breaks up the fight between Gared and Finn after Cotter steals Finn's knife, after which he warns Cotter that the last thief he caught no longer has hands. However, he is unable to find the knife and thus separates Gared, who he sends to the top of the wall with Jon, and Finn, who he personally leads away. When Finn pulls away, Frostfinger slaps him and tells him to mind his manners.

"The Sword in the Darkness" Edit

Frostfinger assigns the new recruits positions in the Watch; Finn and Gared are assigned to be Rangers, while Cotter is assigned to be a Builder. He tells the northerners to follow his lead to a weirwood tree beyond the Wall to take their vows. He then watches as the Cotter, Gared and Finn take their vows.

He is later seen introducing new recruits, and Britt Warrick is among them.

"Sons of Winter" Edit

Frostfinger is first seen berating a bound Gared Tuttle, who has been incarcerated following the death of Britt Warrick. Finn approaches the two and either sticks up for Gared or blames him for Britt's death depending on the status of their relationship. If Finn sticks up for Gared, Frostfinger will think they're up to something and that they're in it together. He watches as Jon Snow questions Gared, then throws Gared into a cell to rot.

It is unknown if Frostfinger was present when Mance Rayder attacks the Wall, and if he survived or was killed.

Appearances Edit

Season One appearances
Iron From Ice The Lost Lords The Sword in the Darkness Sons of Winter A Nest of Vipers The Ice Dragon

Relationships Edit

Jon Snow Edit

It is assumed Jon and Frostfinger have a moderate level of respect for one another. However, at first, according to Jon, his treatment of Jon was similar to that of his treatment to Gared.

Gared Tuttle Edit

Frostfinger gives Gared a hard time and their relationship is usually of Frostfinger being very authoritative.

Finn Edit

With all new recruits, Frostfinger doesn't seem to like Finn and slaps him when Finn undermines him.

Cotter Edit

With all new recruits, Frostfinger doesn't seem to like Cotter and threatens to chop Cotter's hands off if he is revealed to have stolen Finn's knife.

Trivia Edit

  • The credits state that Frostfinger's forename is Denner.

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