House Whitehill

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House Bolton


Ever Higher[1]




Ludd Whitehill

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Iron From Ice



You Forresters have shit on us for generations. Well now the Starks are no longer around to have your back, are they? We're the power in the North now.

House Whitehill is a northern house sworn to House Bolton. They are the bitter rivals of House Forrester and are located at Highpoint.

Game Of Thrones Edit

House Whitehill are bitter enemies of House Forrester and serve as the primary antagonists of the game. They serve under House Bolton and the Red Wedding puts them in the ideal position to exert power over their rival House, which is unfortunate for the Forresters as the Whitehills eventually gain at least half of the Forresters' Ironwood harvests.

Members Edit

Household Edit

Former Members Edit

  • Rickard Morgryn, a merchant lord and ambassador for House Whitehill. Ex-business partner of Andros.
  • Gwyn Whitehill (Determinant) only daughter of ludd. Abandons her family to be with asher.

Trivia Edit

  • It is notable that the design of their sigil was changed. Originally, there was a arch of stars over the bare hill, now there is only one star. This banner can be found during the Red Wedding scene in-game.
  • Duncan Tuttle or Royland Degore remind Ramsay that the Whitehills have no skill with the Ironwood by telling him that their sigil is a barren hill due to the fact that they ran their share of the Ironwood supplies into the ground the first time round.
    • That is also likely the reason for their family name, a white/bare hill.
    • This is further supported when Rodrick notices a poorly made ironwood wood shield by House Whitehill in the sons of winter.

References Edit

  1. Two instances of voice lines containing House Whitehill's words, "Ever Higher," can be found in the game files: File:Whitehill Soldier Vox 2.ogg File:Whitehill Soldier Vox 7.ogg
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