The Lord's Sentinel is a position taken up by a trusted councilman or other member of House Forrester. They act as an advisor to the Lord, someone whose opinion is valued over others and is to be respected. They act much like the Hand of the King, though most - if not all - decisions are made by the Lord. The Sentinel often accompanies his Lord on diplomatic missions or acts of war.

The Lord's Sentinel is a position exclusive to House Forrester, and is a tradition handed down from Lord to Lord. Each time a Forrester takes up the mantle of lordship, he must elect a new Sentinel if the previous is no longer desired or has died. The title is issued via a bracer with the Forrester sigil emblazoned on it, which the new Sentinel wears over his left forearm to signify his role.

It appears that Maesters are forbidden to take the role or are undesirable for the placement. It is unknown whether females can be elected as Sentinel.


The following is a list of known Sentinels.

Trivia Edit

  • Though not noted in game, Thermund was Gregor Forrester's Sentinel. Cut voice lines from Duncan suggest this, and his position was recently confirmed by Arthur Von Nagel, a Telltale Employee.

Footnotes Edit

  1. Confirmation that Thermund was Sentinel.
  2. Arthur Von Nagel confirms Gregor's Sentinel's death.

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