Lord Branfield
Placeholder other
Actor N/A
Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age Unknown
Family Talia Branfield - Wife (Deceased)
Elissa Forrester - Daughter
Malcolm Branfield - Son
Thorren Forrester - Brother-in-Law (Deceased)
Gregor Forrester - Son-in-Law (Deceased)
Rodrik Forrester - Grandson
Asher Forrester - Grandson
Mira Forrester - Granddaughter
Ethan Forrester - Grandson (Deceased)
Talia Forrester - Granddaughter
Ryon Forrester - Grandson
(Unnamed) - Sister-in-Law (Deceased)
Cause of Death Slain by rebels loyal to Robert Baratheon.
Status Dead
My father's house was once mighty like this one, but his loyalty to the Targaryens cost us everything.
— His daughter Elissa reminiscing about him. (The Lost Lords)

Lord Branfield is an original character mentioned in Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series. He was the Lord of House Branfield and father to Elissa Forrester and Malcolm Branfield.

History Edit

Lord Branfield tried many times to marry off Malcolm, but he always refused in favor of seeking his own pleasure.

While Lord Branfield was a loyalist to House Targaryen, he allowed his daughter, Elissa, to marry the Northern Gregor Forrester a few years before Robert's Rebellion.

During the rebellion, he and his house fought for the Targaryens. However, the tide ultimately turned against the crown. Lord Branfield, along with most of his sons and daughters, were slain in battle.

He is briefly mentioned in the codex.

"The Lost Lords" Edit

After the deaths of Gregor and Ethan Forrester, Elissa recalls her father's ultimate fate. She vows not to let what happened to her house happen to House Forrester.

Death Edit

Killed By Edit

  • Rebels

Lord Branfield was killed in battle during the rebellion by supporters of Robert Baratheon.

Killed Victims Edit

  • Multiple unnamed rebels and bannermen loyal to Robert Baratheon.

References Edit

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