North Grove Map



 The North Grove map is a document than can be used to help pinpoint of a Weirwood Tree, and perhaps the North Grove.

Owners and Users Edit

The Sword in the Darkness Edit

During his visit to the Wall, Duncan provides Gared with the map, saying he found it amongst Lord Forrester's things. He claims that the North Grove was almost an obsession of the late Lord's, according to his diaries.

Gared uses Talia's necklace to pinpoint a hidden Weirwood tree on the map and Duncan instructs him to desert the Night's Watch and head there. Gared can agree or seem skeptical based on the players' choices.

Cotter later steals the map for a 'peek' and brings it up in conversation. Finn says the North Grove is just a fairy tale for children and leaves them to it, but Cotter is more inclined to believe it. In order to get Gared on-side, Cotter tells him that he is a wildling and can help him track down the North Grove if they desert together.

Sons of WinterEdit

It can be assumed the map will be brought up again when Gared and Cotter flee.