Liberation of Meereen


Siege of Ironrath

Port Town Ambush
NOV (197)

Whitehill-Forrester Conflict


Port Town, the North

  • Rodrik Forrester
  • Asher Forrester
  • Amaya
  • Royland Degore / Duncan Tuttle
  • Gryff Whitehill
  • Harys
  • Rodrik Forrester / Asher Forrester
  • The Beast
  • Forrester Bannemen
  • Pit Fighters
  • Several Whitehill bannermen

The port town ambush is the first violent encounter following Ramsay Snow's declaration of open war between Houses Whitehill and Forrester. The Whitehill garrison, led by Gryff Whitehill, attempt to ambush Rodrik and Asher Forrester after the latter makes landfall with his pit fighter forces.

Preceding Events Edit

The ambush is triggered by Ramsay Snow, who announces that Houses Forrester and Whitehill are to do battle until only one house is left standing - and that the victor will take control of the Ironwood business.

After the traitor releases Gryff and his garrison, they plan (with Ludd Whitehill) to attack Asher as soon as he makes landfall. After Rodrik Forrester imprisons the traitor or kills him, he and his men ride for the coast to protect Asher and bring him back to Ironrath.

Casualties Edit

  • Several Pit Fighters
  • Several Whitehill Bannermen
  • Several Forrester Bannermen
  • The Beast
    • Shot with crossbows
    • Speared by Harys
  • Lord Rodrik Forrester / Asher Forrester
    • Stabbed in the back by Harys
    • Shot in the neck with a crossbow
    • Stabbed in the lower abdomen multiple times
    • Eye battered by Harys

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