On the Character Statuses and Minor Character Status pages, along with individual character pages, the portraits for each figure in the Game of Thrones world feature an icon in the bottom left. This page serves as a resource so that visitors and users of the wiki know what each symbol represents.

Ideally these icons are the official symbol of the House or organisation the character belongs to, but occasionally the administrators have to make creative decisions and design a symbol that, while unofficial, is representative of the character's role.

Symbols Guide

Image Description Corresponding Affiliation
Sym-for Sigil of House Forrester, an Ironwood tree with a sword in the centre. House Forrester
Sym-whi Sigil of House Whitehill, a barren hill with a star overhead. House Whitehill
Sym-niw Sigil of the Night's Watch, a black crow. The Night's Watch
Sym-gle A bow and arrow, representative of the Glenmore Elite Guard. Note: There is no official House Glenmore Sigil. House Glenmore
Sym-lan Sigil of House Lannister, a lion on its hind legs. House Lannister
Sym-tyr Sigil of House Tyrell, a golden rose. House Tyrell
Sym-kla The Red Keep King's Landing Resident
Sym-bol Sigil of House Bolton, the flayed man. House Bolton
Sym-tar Sigil of House Targaryen, the three-headed dragon. House Targaryen
Sym-sel Two crossed swords.

Note: There is no official Sellsword Symbol.

Sym-llo Lost Legion helmet.

Note: There is no official Lost Legion Sigil.

Lost Legion
Sym-frf Mammoth's head/skull. The Free Folk

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