Rillwater Crossing
Rillwater Crossing as displayed on the map of the North.


The Rills, The North, Westeros

Presiding House

House Glenmore


Old Gods of the Forest (Presumed)



First Appearance


Rillwater Crossing is a location in Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series. It is the seat of House Glenmore and is located in the Rills, in the North of Westeros.

History Edit

The seat of House Glenmore, little is known of the Crossing other than that it appears to have two noteworthy towers on each side of its main entrance. It's also situated fairly close to a split in a large river, which is likely the origin of the Crossing's name.

Game of Thrones Edit

Rillwater Crossing is seen on a map of the North while the small council of Ironrath discuss their next move. ("The Sword in the Darkness")

Trivia Edit

  • While the map of the North identifies the seat of House Glenmore as "Glenmore Keep", it is referred to by Elaena Glenmore as "Rillwater Crossing". The first name was likely a placeholder until a more suitable name was chosen.

References Edit

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