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  Ryon Forrester
Actor Louis Suc
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Age 7
Family {Gregor Forrester} (Father)

Elissa Forrester} (Mother)
Josera Snow (half brother)
Elsera Snow (half Sister)
Rodrik Forrester (Brother)
Asher Forrester (Brother)
Mira Forrester (Sister)
{Ethan Forrester} (Brother)
Talia Forrester (Sister)

Malcolm Branfield (Uncle)
First Appearance Iron From Ice
Status Alive
Series lifespan Iron From Ice to Present
Ethnicity Northmen
Iron From Ice!
— Ryon to his family.

Ryon Forrester is the fourthborn son and sixthborn child of Lord Gregor Forrester and Lady Elissa Forrester. He has lived in admiration of his father and oldest brother, Rodrik, and is left bitter when they meet their fate at the Red Wedding.

Character Edit

Ryon is energetic but cautious - he scares easily. While this is true he is also slightly aggressive and immature though this is likely due to his lack of responsibility.

Ryon is the fourth-born son of House Forrester and admires his older siblings. He's been spared from hardship as his childhood has been pleasant and he's had little to no responsibilities to worry about. Spending hours chasing his siblings Ethan and Talia through the grove, Ryon is just a kid.

Game Of Thrones Edit

"Iron From Ice" Edit

Ryon is first seen playing hide-and-seek with Talia and Ethan in the Ironwood Grove. He claims that he does not like the game any more and is worried that Ethan may not come back.

As Talia and Ethan talk about their childhood, Ryon asks where he was when his older siblings played together. Ethan tells him that he wasn't born yet. This shows that Ryon is all together not that well educated.

Ryon is later seen watching Ethan deal with Erik. No matter what you choose Ryon will first ask Ethan whether Erik was bad and will later decide for himself, saying that Erik should be punished and that he wishes to punish the men who killed Gregor and Rodrik.

Ryon carved a toy sword from wood and sticks, dubbing it 'Two Brothers'. Rodrik's name is written on one side while Ethan's is on the other. If Ethan asks where Asher's name is, Ryon will first say that there were only two sides to the blade, before admitting that Asher 'left', suggesting that he resents Asher's exile.

When Ramsay Snow arrives, Ryon cowers behind his mother. Ramsay singles him out to rile Ethan but it does not work. After Ethan is stabbed in the throat Ryon hesitates until Ramsay grabs him and gives him to Ludd Whitehill to use as leverage. Ryon is last seen being dragged away, screaming for help as the other Forresters stand over Ethan's dying body.

"The Lost Lords" Edit

Ryon appears in this episode at Ethan and Gregor's funeral if Rodrik kissed Lord Whitehill's ring. If Rodrik refused, Ryon is not seen in the episode at all.

"The Sword in the Darkness" Edit

Ryon does not appear in this episode, but a mission to save him is proposed - if Rodrik chose to in this episode. However, this does not matter when Rodrik learns of a traitor in the Forrester Council. He is not seen to be alive and thus his status is unknown.

"Sons of Winter" Edit

Ryon is brought out inside Highpoint when Rodrik tells Ludd about imprisoning Gryff in Ironrath. Once Ryon walks out, Ludd puts a sharp tool to his neck and bluffs that he doesn't care about his fourth born and declines the trade. Rodrik can call on his bluff or accept his deal. Either way, Ryon will be put back in a holding cell to be later traded for Gryff.

"A Nest of Vipers"Edit

Ryon does not appear in this episode, but he is mentioned several times, such as when the traitor mentions that Ludd was going to ambush Rodrik at the trade between Ryon and Gryff.

"The Ice Dragon"Edit

Ryon first appears in the episode when the Whitehills appear at the Ironrath Gates. If Rodrik is alive, Ryon will be forced to hold up Asher's head on a pike to show his family. He looks bruised, implying that he has been abused. Later when Rodrik, Beskha, Maya and some pit fighters are raiding Ludd's camp, Rodrik can choose to go after Gryff or Ludd. If you go after Gryff, you find Ryon locked in a cell. Rodrik kills Gryff and then Beskha takes Ryon and leaves the camp. Beskha and Ryon are not again seen until the ending on a horse together. Regardless of the outcome, Ryon escapes with Beskha, the only difference is Ryon will have a cut on his cheek if Rodrik went to kill Ludd instead of Gryff.

If Asher is alive, he appears at the gates and demands to see Rodrik's body, and is later seen at the dinner meet with the Whitehills. When the fighting begins, Ryon is about to be attacked by a Whitehill soldier but is immediately saved by Beskha who takes him out of the Great Hall and leaves Ironrath during the battle with Ryon. He is later seen with Beskha riding a horse to an unknown location.

After Season One Edit

Ryon's location is unknown.

Killed Victims Edit

Ryon has not killed anyone.

Relationships Edit

It is assumed that Ryon has strong positive relationships with all of his family and house members.

Ethan ForresterEdit

Ryon and Ethan had a close relationship. Ryon used to play with Ethan and Talia in the Ironwoods.

Talia ForresterEdit

Ryon and Talia care for each other, and Talia attempts to reassure him and occasionally educates him on certain matters. Talia screams Ryon's name when he is abducted and vows to get him back.

Lord Gregor ForresterEdit

Ryon idolised his father and wishes to avenge his death someday.

Lady Elissa ForresterEdit

Lady Elissa is Ryon's mother. She always tried to protect her children, including Ryon as seen when Ramsey Snow arrived at Ironrath.

Asher ForresterEdit

Ryon resents Asher for leaving, and does not seem to understand that it was not Asher's decision.As of this he does not put Asher's name on his sword.

Rodrik ForresterEdit

Ryon idolised Rodrik, carving the man's name into his makeshift sword, "Two Brothers".

Mira ForresterEdit

It is assumed that Ryon and Mira had a good relationship.

Appearances Edit

Season One appearances
Iron From Ice The Lost Lords The Sword in the Darkness Sons of Winter A Nest of Vipers The Ice Dragon
  • Ryon's appearance in The Lost Lords is determined if you kissed Lord Whitehill's ring or not.

Family Tree Edit

Gregor Forrester
Elissa Forrester
Rodrik Forrester
Elaena Glenmore
Asher Forrester
Mira Forrester
Ethan Forrester
Talia Forrester
Ryon Forrester

Trivia Edit

  • Ryon is seven years old. This can only be learned if you choose to say 'My family is still in danger!' to Margaery after the failed attempt to get the protection of the crown. She will mention that Ryon is only 7 years old.
  • Gared and Rodrik or Asher are the only playable characters that appears in main menu screen after completing episode 6.

References Edit

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