Port Town Ambush

Siege of Ironrath

Whitehill-Forrester Conflict


Ironrath, the North


Whitehill Victory

  • ~50 Forrester men-at-arms
  • Small group of Pit fighters
  • ~500 Whitehill men-at-arms
  • Elissa Forrester
  • Seemingly all Pit Fighters
  • Most Men-at-arms either killed or captured
Civilian casualties

Numerous Smallfolk

The Siege of Ironrath is the climax of the Whitehill-Forrester conflict, taking place in the episode 'The Ice Dragon'. House Whitehill forces, led by Lord Ludd Whitehill and Gryff Whitehill, set up an encampment outside the Forrester stronghold of Ironrath and siege it in an attempt to annihilate the House taking refuge inside.

Preceding Events Edit

The siege is triggered by Ramsay Snow, who announces that Houses Forrester and Whitehill are to do battle until only one house is left standing - and that the victor will take control of the Ironwood business.

The siege is the second attempted massacre by the Whitehills, following Gryff Whitehill's ambush at the Port Town which resulted in the death of Asher or Rodrik Forrester and several more casualties.

Casualties Edit

  • Lord Ludd Whitehill (determinant)
    • Beheaded by Rodrik Forrester (determinant)
    • Poisoned by Asher, Elissa, Talia Forrester (determinant)
  • Gryff Whitehill
    • Beheaded by Rodrik Forrester (determinant)
    • Stabbed by Asher Forrester (determinant)
  • Elissa Forrester
    • Poisoned by Asher, Elissa, Talia Forrester (determinant)
    • Stabbed by Harys (determinant)
  • Bowen
    • Stabbed by Harys (determinant)
  • Erik
    • Stabbed by Harys (determinant)
  • Lord Rodrik Forrester (determinant)
    • Impaled on sword by Harys (but survives)
  • Lord Asher Forrester (determinant)
    • Stabbed in lower back by Gwyn Whitehill.
    • Impaled on sword but survives the battle.
  • Amaya
    • Stabbed and shot by Whitehill bannermen.

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