The Night's Watch






Various castles along the Wall (primarily Castle Black)

Current Lord Commander

Alliser Thorne (acting commander)

Notable Members

Jon Snow
Gared Tuttle

First Appearance

The Lost Lords



The Night's Watch is a military organisation based at the furthest civilised point of the North, the Wall. It is composed mainly of criminals who are exiled there to live out the rest of their lives defending all lands south from the Wildlings and Others. It is one of the oldest known organisations in Westeros. 

Members Edit

Current Edit

  • Jeor Mormont - 997th Lord Commander
  • Alliser Thorne - Acting Lord Commander
  • Jon Snow - Stark Bastard, assigned as Steward.
  • Denner "Frostfinger" - Veteran, in charge of new recruits.
  • Finn - Murderer, assigned as Ranger. (determinant)
  • Britt Warrick - Murderer, new recruit.
  • Erik - Thief, assigned as Steward. (determinant)
  • Casper - assigned as Builder.
  • Hugh - assigned as Ranger.
  • Lobor - assigned as Steward.
  • Errold Holt - new recruit.
  • Corlys Wells - new recruit.
  • Wendel - new recruit.
  • Duff - new recruit.

Former Edit

  • Gared Tuttle - Murderer, assigned as Ranger. Escaped incarceration following the murder of one of his brothers and deserted.
  • Cotter - Thief, assigned as Builder. Deserted with Gared Tuttle.
  • Finn - Murderer, assigned as Ranger. Deserted with Gared Tuttle. (determinant)

References Edit

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