Following the first scene of an episode, the title sequence serves as the introduction to an episode of Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series.

The introduction itself is portrayed as a living map of sorts - the camera pans from location to location, represented on a large map set on the inside of a globe. The major locations in each episode are shown as mechanical caricatures with gears twisting and turning to form the landmarks and buildings. One place is shown at a time before moving onto the next location.

The title sequence ends with the name of the game itself, Game of Thrones. This fades to black and the episode title is revealed on a black background.


In a similar fashion to the television series, the title sequence changes depending on the episode to show the key locations in each episode. While the television series always shows King's Landing, Winterfell and the Wall, this is not true of the video game - instead, Winterfell is replaced by Ironrath, the seat and most integral location to the core house, House Forrester.

While the Wall does not directly appear in Episode One except for the 'Next Time' preview, it appears in Episode One's opening sequence, suggesting it is a staple of the titles and will appear in the opening for all six episodes of Season One. King's Landing will most likely appear in the opening of every episode, but unlike the Wall it has appeared in every episode thus far.

As Asher Forrester, the game's Essos-based protagonist, did not appear in the first episode so no location was shown to represent him, likely to hide the reveal that he was a playable character until the end of the first episode. In Episodes two to four, Asher's current location or destination is shown.

The Twins was shown in Episode One's opening likely to avoid spoiling the fact that Gared is sent to the Wall, but also because it is the first location seen in the game and the situation which kicks off the game's major events occur there.


Season One

Location 1x01
Iron From Ice
The Lost Lords
The Sword in the Darkness
Sons of Winter
A Nest of Vipers
The Ice Dragon
King's Landing NoN NoN NoN NoN NoN 5
The Twins NoN 1
The Wall NoN NoN NoN NoN NoN 5
Ironrath NoN NoN NoN NoN NoN 5
Yunkai NoN 1
Meereen NoN NoN NoN 3

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